Paris Hilton’s floss bought for $1000

US online casino Golden Palace have completed yet another bizarre acquisition to add to their burgeoning collection of celebrity ‘weird stuff’ after they bought Paris Hilton’s used dental floss for $1000 from

The used piece of floss, smudged with lipstick, was famously raided by from Paris Hilton’s garbage and then the video of this heist put up on now plan to use the money to help fund a full-length documentary in which they will attempt to target the trash from more celebrities in Hollywood. They recently raided the trash of John Travolta and are planning to auction 12 empty packets of expensive beef and a fork in a collectible box. Golden Palace has already shown interest.

"We're all fans of Travolta, and who knows, if there is some beef in the packets, we could eat it and then use Paris Hilton's thousand dollar floss,” said Golden Palace CEO, Richard Rowe.

The latest purchase by follows items such a kidney stone from Star Trek star William Shatner, Britney Spear’s pregnancy test and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s ultrasound picture.

Editor, - 2007-07-26 11:08:29

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