Ontario takes steps to ban casino ads

As if things couldn’t get any worse the online gambling business, Ontario has started to take steps to ban the advertising of online casinos and poker rooms and hope that it will lead to an outright Federal ban.

Gerry Philips, the government minister who is spearheading the ban, said he wanted to stop the stream of young people who are gambling online. The plan which will need to be approved by the Legislative Assembly could be the first step to a total ban on online gambling in Canada.

"I don't see us moving to legalise Internet gaming -- that's not an option we're even considering," Phillips told the news agency Reuters. "But I don't underestimate the complexities.”
Canada, and in particular Toronto, has long been at the forefront of online gambling. A number of large and small gambling software development companies are based in the region and a once tolerant attitude to gambling looks like it will change for the worse.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2006-10-27 12:46:34

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