Online Gaming Bosses Stay Away from Louisiana

Online casino executives have been issued a clear warning from the head of the Louisiana state police. The state is eager to banish internet gambling from its boundaries.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Captain Joe Lentini, head of the casino section of Louisiana’s Police Gaming Enforcement division he said that he had issued a further three Sportingbet warrants since the one they issued for Peter Dicks. Lentini went on to confirm that he is investigating other unnamed online gaming companies, “We have agents all over the state working on this daily. There are other sites we’re looking into,” he commented. Nigel Payne.

Nigel Payne, the Sportingbet executive director wrote in an article for the Times recently that the opposition to online gambling in the US is motivated purely by commercial interests.
'I believe that the real picture that emerges is one of fiscal protectionism that is being masked by political manoeuvring and adroit public relations,' he said.
Peter Dicks is due to appear in a New York court tomorrow to hear if he will be extradited to Louisiana. - 2006-09-27 16:56:45

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