Online gambling arrests spark resignation

Fears that more online gambling executives could be arrested were fuelled today following the resignation of two executives from World Gaming.

James Grossman, who once worked for the US Government serving under former US President George W. Bush Senior, and Claire Roberts both cited the arrest of the BetOnSports chief executive as the main reason for their decision.

Nearly all World Gaming’s revenues come from the US market, quit possibly making it a target for a federal or state indictment. The company also has very close ties with SportingBet.

It’s not the first time that World Gaming has been brushed up against the law. Some years ago when it was known as Starnet and based in Canada, the company was raided by armed Canadian police. At one stage Starnet was wanted by a plethora of enforcement agencies including the FBI, SEC, U.S. Customs Service, the IRS and DEA and was connected to organized crime. Put under pressure Starnet moved to Antigua.

Editor, - 2006-09-26 11:46:50

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