Online casinos targeted by criminals

As if the online gaming industry didn’t have enough problems to worry about, it appears criminals are now targeting online casinos as a method for hiding money gained from illegal practices.

The news comes from a government-funded report disclosed at yesterday’s international summit held in Ascot, where representatives from 33 countries discussed ways to address the problems of the industry.

Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary, has reiterated repeatedly the need for tight regulation of the industry, making sure the online gaming sector is free from crime and disorder, as well as ensuring the young and the vulnerable are protected.

Ministers have defended the position of the government, maintaining that is not an attempt to receive higher tax revenues from the industry.

Although last nights summit finished without any concrete agreements being reached, a government source refuted suggestions that the whole exercise was a failure.

“We never expected to get everyone on board in a day and we are delighted that everyone is keen to work together in future. They are arguing over commas, and the final version will not be very different from today’s draft.”

However, the government is unrelenting in their efforts to gain an international agreement on the subject of regulating the industry, and make the U.K an attractive base for online casino operators.

Richard Caborn, the Sports Minister, said the summit provided a “road map that will lead to better regulated remote gambling across the world” and that proposals are in place for an international working group to be set up to “advise on the development of worldwide standards.”

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