eCOGRA reinforces online casino testing

eCOGRA, the regulatory body for online gambling, has stepped up its efforts to ensure total game fairness within the industry by the launch of a new team, the Total Gaming Transaction Review (TGTR), which will continuously analyse the integrity of online casinos and poker rooms.  

Up to 130 casinos and poker rooms will display the reports compiled by the new TGTR team, allowing them to display a ‘gold standard’ seal.

These will include comprehensive payout percentage reports for slots, table games, poker games and all other games on a monthly basis. Poker card-shuffling reviews will also be detailed on a monthly basis as well as bi-annual random number generator (RNG) reports for blackjack, video poker and roulette.

The improvement to the service will provide customers with even more confidence that the casinos and poker rooms they visit are adhering to strict and rigorous standards.

"This enables eCOGRA to obtain a sufficient level of comfort that the games are being professionally developed and are inherently fair before monitoring the ongoing results, and we have implemented systems which enable us to provide updated reports within two weeks of month-end on the casino and poker websites without any effort from the operator," said Andrew Beveridge, eCOGRA CEO.

"eCOGRA now has the necessary skills, experience and player recognition to undertake this work, enabling us to give it our closer and more transparent and immediate attention. These dedicated resources will allow us greater flexibility to meet the dynamic demands of the industry, but more importantly the requirement for safe and fair gaming from the player community," he added.

With eCOGRA’s recent independent Global Online Gambler Survey of over 11,000 players showing consumer confidence to be vital, the new testing process will be one more step towards complete consumer confidence in online casinos and poker rooms.

Editor, - 2007-05-09 11:12:05

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