Online casino to auction the Pope’s old car

The Volkswagen Golf that once belonged to Pope Benedict XVI is being put up for auction on eBay by the online casino Golden Palace, with the proceeds all going to charity.

Golden Palace had previously bought the car on eBay for £90,000 from German student Benjamin Halbe, 23, in 2005. Halbe had bought the car for £6,500 and also kindly donated some of the money he made to charity.

The auction, which ends this Tuesday, has already reached over £100,000 at time of writing, and will be nice tidy sum for Golden Palace’s chosen charity, Habitat for Humanity.

The car has just over 46,000 miles on the clock and hasn’t been driven since 2005.

Other examples of elaborate publicity stunts carried out by Golden Palace include buying the football that David Beckham missed a penalty with in Euro 2004 for $35,000 and buying a grilled-cheese sandwich that contained a likeness of the Virgin Mary for $28,000.

Editor, - 2007-04-04 12:20:48

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