Online casino news round-up

Sealand to launch online casino
The principality of Sealand off England’s East Coast is to launch an online casino which will take play from US customers. More info on this story can be found here.

Playtech and PKR
Leading casino and gambling software developer Playtech have announced that they are to provide PKR (with a fully branded online casino to compliment their 3D poker platform. Customers will be able to use a shared wallet to play both casino and poker.

Cryptologic continues to show loss
Online casino software developer Cryptologic has posted a second-quarter loss of USD2.6 million. The developer said that the relocation and reorganisation costs were USD2.5 million more than they anticipated.

Gambling Ad Ban
The industry was taken by surprise this week when the DCMS released a statement threatening casinos and those that carry their advertisements with fines and imprisonment if they are advertising and are not licensed in the EEA or on the DCMS’ ‘white list’.  How the government plan to police the restriction remains to be seen. More info on this story can be found here.

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