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Gaming Transactions, provider of online gaming portal management has announced the launch its first version of, the second wagering portal to be launched by the company. offers a full range of sports betting options and an extensive number of betting types including straight bet, parlay, over/under, money-line, and teasers. The site showcases every North American sport from baseball to basketball to boxing, as well as soccer lines from over 60 different countries.

According to Christiansen Capital Advisors, the Sportsbook industry is valued at $8 billion, and growing at an unprecedented rate with the expansion of the Internet into emerging markets.

Under the terms of a previously announced agreement with FutureBet Systems Ltd., Gaming Transactions will be building a second version of the site with its own branded betting lines early this quarter.'s customers will have access to the same sports odds lines that are used by several of the top Las Vegas books.

'Although men still dominate the gaming world, the majority of mainstream online game players are women,” explained Patrick Smyth, CEO of Gaming Transactions, “Over 55% of all activity on the five largest game sites for the month of August 2004 was by women. However, the Keno demographic is skewed towards males aged 25 to 45 years, with some college education.

“This provides the Company with the potential for increasing product offerings as our player database will have a greater proportion of males than other gaming sites. And following that logic, the Company believes that it will be able to convert a good proportion of its players into sports punters at' - 2005-05-05 15:25:36

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