Online Casino Affiliate Program Introduces CPA Compensation

Gaming Partners, an affiliate program in the online gaming industry, has announced that it is to offer its affiliates a new revenue earning option with the June 1, 2005 launch of its CPA compensation model.
This new CPA (or Cost-Per-Acquisition) compensation opportunity nets affiliates one-time payments of up to $300 for casino players and up to $200 for bingo players meeting minimum deposit requirements. CPA compensation represents a profit-making alternative to Gaming Partner’s longstanding Revenue Share compensation model, which yields lucrative affiliate commission rates of up to 50% on the revenue generated by each referred casino player and up to 40% on bingo referrals, for the lifetime of the accounts.

To complement the new CPA compensation structure, affiliates registered for the Revenue Share model will no longer have negative balances carried over from month to month.

“Launching an alternate compensation package and eliminating negative carryovers not only accommodates the wishes and demands of our affiliates, but it also allows our program to grow and develop in the manner in which it was founded upon – with a strong commitment to our affiliates”, said Gary, Affiliate Program Manager at Gaming Partners. - 2005-06-02 10:55:46

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