Online betting gets green light at French Open

Organisers of the French Open have failed in their bid to ban online betting on the tournament.

Federation Francaise de Tennis (FFT) claimed that online bookmakers such as Ladbrokes, Betfair and Bwin were guilty of encouraging corruption in the sport and tainting the name and integrity of the tournament. A Belgian court in Liége did not agree.

The court sided with the bookmakers who claimed that: "'Fixed' matches, as far as these may be established, are not down to what the [bookmaker] has done but down to the 'manipulations' or 'attempts at corruption' of certain players with whom the [bookmaker] has no links at all.”

"Someone who offers a service cannot be rendered responsible for an inappropriate use of that service if he has taken steps to prevent such inappropriate use."

On top of this loss, the FFT must now face Bwin in another court case. The Austrian-based online bookmaker is hitting the FFT with a counter-claim and suing the tennis body for what it perceives as damaging its reputation through linking the company with corruption. Oh the irony...

Editor, - 2008-04-30 11:05:49

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