One Billion Gambling Dollars Stay With Nevada’s Casinos, Just in Time for Vegas 100th Anniversary

In March, Nevada’s casinos made the biggest combined rake in the state's history. Over 1 billion dollars from Las Vegas gamblers went into the casino coffers, with Vegas Strip casinos taking in over half a billion for the first time ever. The overall wagers were lower than the in the previous record-breaking month, March 2004, when the casinos took in $13.4 billion, meaning that casinos are currently taking a higher profit margin.

Analysts predict that April’s profits will match this trend, and that May, which also marks Vegas’s 100th anniversary, will be an even bigger month for casinos. Celebrations reflect on Las Vegas’s humble beginnings as a place for housing railroad workers on the Salt Lake City to Los Angeles line. Parades and public events will celebrate the city’s rise to the popular vacation spot that it is today. Mayor Oscar Goodman told reporters that he hoped the whole world would celebrate with Las Vegas. The Vegas Anniversary festivities will likely draw record crowds to the city's casinos. - 2005-05-20 10:28:23

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