Novelty bets to still be allowed

Bookmakers will still be allowed to offer novelty bets in the UK after calls to ban them were rejected by the Gambling Commission.

After protracted talks with various sport bodies, the Gambling Commission deemed that there was insufficient evidence to stop bookies from offering novelty bets.

The wagers in question are those such as betting on the number of throw-ins in a football game or the number of wides bowled in a cricket game.

Despite the Gambling Commission rejecting the calls, they did however state they would review their position if new evidence came to light.

“At the moment we don't believe the evidence is there to stop betting companies from taking these bets. A lot has changed since we took over the regulation of the betting on Sept 1 and we feel at this stage it is a step too far,” said Andrew Rennison, director of intelligence at the Gambling Commission.

Tennis in particular has recently been blighted by allegations of match-fixing and foul play, which has led to a greater cooperation between sports bodies and betting companies. Accordingly, the Gambling Commission now has the power to ensure that betting companies share information with those sports bodies should any suspicions arise.

Editor, - 2007-10-05 12:02:55

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