New gambling code for sports

The Professional Players Federation (PPF), which includes unions in football, cricket and golf, has launched a new code to inform sportsman of the implications of the upcoming Gambling Act on sports betting.

If a sportsman ‘cheats’ or ‘helps to cheat’ on sports betting through the provision of inside knowledge, then they could face a jail sentence of up to two years.

The new PPF code has called for all sports bodies to ensure that their players are fully aware of the new laws which will come into force on September 1 with the new Gambling Act.

"Players welcome the new laws to help keep corruption out of sport,” said Brendan Batson, chairman of the PPF.

"Our new code sets out what is needed to ensure that sport tackles the issue positively in partnership with government, sports governing bodies and the betting industry."

Over the past few months betting scandals, especially involving the use of inside information, have hit the headlines. A tennis match involving Russian star Nikolay Davydenko was caught up in controversy over suspicious betting patterns on the online betting exchange Betfair earlier this month and, only last weekend, Coral closed their market on which premier league manager would lose their job first after big wagers on Tottenham manager Martin Jol.

Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association, has echoed the need for sportsman to be fully aware of the new laws.

"Players are in the front line and need clear examples of how the new Gambling Act will affect them."

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