New gambling fees criticised

As the Government looks for ways to regulate the gambling industry as a whole, new proposals by the Department for Culture Media and Sport have slapped an increase on a number of gambling fees.

For example, a pub with three machines would see related fees jump from £32 to a staggering £200. Many other fees, including fees paid to local authorities, have seen similar hikes.

Business In Sport and Leisure, a company which represents over 100 private sector companies in industry, has slammed the proposals advising that many British businesses will vanish because of the increased costs.

Chief Executive of BISL, Brigid Simmonds, said: “DCMS has proposed quite ridiculous fees for premises licenses and gaming permits under the Gambling Act 2005. Moreover, unlike liquor licensing, where local authorities have sole responsibility for a bar or pub in terms of licensing, responsibility for gambling is shared with the Gambling Commission.”

Small businesses will obviously be hit the hardest, having to pay over £1000 annually to the local authority just to ensure that their premises are in working order.

Brigid has called for people to unite and to stand up to the fees.

“We want people to go back to DCMS and say, ‘these fees are far too high’”.

Editor, - 2006-11-17 11:57:23

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