Neteller says yay to USA

Alternative casino and gambling payment processor Neteller has told all its US customers it plans to carry on operating "its business as normal".

In its statement, Neteller said: "The Bill states that there will be a period of up to nine months for the US regulators to prescribe regulations requiring each designated payment system and all participants therein to identify and block or otherwise prevent or prohibit restricted transactions.

"It is currently unclear how Neteller, a European company, with no assets, presence or employees in the US, would be affected by this bill. Once the regulations have been written, Neteller will have a clearer view of which companies are affected, how those companies will be expected to comply and any possible resulting impact on Neteller and its US-facing business. Neteller continues to operate its business as normal."

Editor, - 2006-10-04 13:22:10

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