NETeller and YouTeller – Can you tell the difference?

The launch of YouTeller, the new online payment processor developed by Seed Capital Ltd, has been delayed because of a legal wrangle with rival NETeller.

NETeller are concerned that consumers will confuse YouTeller with NETeller and issued the new arrival with a cease and desist order several months ago explaining that "Such use by Seed Capital Ltd. (of the name YouTeller) causes confusion, including initial interest confusion leading to persons familiar with the teller-suffixed brand of services to believe Seed Capital Ltd. is somehow affiliated with, related to or endorsed by our client."

Since then, YouTeller have put a notice up on their homepage informing surfers that their company is not connected in anyway to NETeller Plc.

"It is in everyone's interest that YouTeller will not be confused with NETeller," said London-based Seed Capital spokesman Florian Schweitzer.

As yet, YouTeller have yet to announce how long the delay will be.

Furthermore, YouTeller denied that they are interested in a take over of their more established rival.

"We are not interested in a traditional online payment system. We have developed a service that is tailor-made to the current challenges", Schweitzer added.

Schweitzer also anticipates that it is only a matter of time before US customers are able to legally transfer money to online casinos and poker rooms, following the landmark ruling by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to uphold a complaint made by Antigua against the US’s crackdown on online gambling.

"US customers will be able to transfer money to gaming companies again. It's just a matter of time", predicted Schweitzer.

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