Naomi Campbell’s casino plans threaten endangered wildlife

Controversial supermodel Naomi Campbell has upset conservationists with her plans for a casino resort on the Kenyan coast that will endanger rare turtles.

Protesters claim that if the scheme in the town of Malindi goes ahead, it will ruin years of work to save marine life.

“This would have a very negative effect on turtle nesting and destroy years of careful project work,” said Athman Seif, director of the Malindi Marine Association.

Seif also claims that the planned six-star 40-apartment casino resort would break local planning regulations.

Campbell has put forward the £100 million project with her former boyfriend and owner of the Renault Formula One team, Flavio Briatore. Despite the concerns, Campbell believes the town is in need of investment and the venture would provide dozens of jobs.

"You have fabulous beaches and people here are just amazingly nice. But something needs to be put correct to attract big time investors,” Campbell argued.

Briatore already runs a hotel in the area, the White Elephant, which local residents describe as a “ghastly construction”.

“This is very bad news indeed,” said Terry Hill, chairman of the local residents’ association.

“Our once-beautiful white sandy shore line is becoming one long line of concrete.”

Editor, - 2007-09-13 11:22:38

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