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In the first survey of its kind, online casino has released the number of working mothers who gamble on the Internet. Having announced last year that 60% of its players were women, Slotland’s data investigation team undertook a customer survey to find out exactly what its female players were doing when they were away from the slot machines.
The study found that well over 1/3 of its female gamblers (37%) do indeed have children, and that 18% of them were working in addition to raising children under the age of 18. The study also discovered that the times that mothers play online coincide with the times children are at school, or have gone to bed. “There are clear spikes in traffic, geographically segmented, during the hours children spend time in school. We have always suspected that this was a time when housewives had a spare 45 minutes to gamble online, and this study confirms our suspicions,” said Hannah Morante spokesperson of Slotland.

Working mothers however demonstrate a different pattern of play from housewives. They tend to play late in the evenings, after their children have been put to bed. “I usually play for a few hours after my two boys have gone to bed,” said one working mother and Slotland player.

In celebration of its newly discovered playing mothers, is offering special cash bonuses and gifts to ALL of their players during the North American Mother’s Day weekend. “This type of information is always exceedingly helpful in reaching our audience of players,” continues Morante. “As we know that everyone either has a mother or has been a mother, we are throwing a special promotion with extra bonuses for both new and existing players during the entire Mother's Day weekend!”

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