New mobile casino game technology

Mobile casino games provider Zero36 today announced that it is filing for a patent for its new location-based filtering system technology. The new system will filter out mobile phones which try to access casino games from locations where gambling is illegal.

The technology works by redirecting players that try to access play-for-money games in areas where gambling is illegal to a play-for-fun mode. However, once a customer is in a location where gambling is allowed, they will have the option of both types of games.

Zero36’s new technology will certainly be of interest to mobile network carriers, ensuring they follow legal guidelines for gambling. It will also give greater possibilities for land-based casinos to widen their horizons, with Zero36 seeking to strike up partnerships with land-based casinos who want to extend their brand to the mobile arena.

Zero36 currently provides play-for-fun mobile games for many leading mobile network carriers and these companies now have the chance to upgrade their service to the new technology.

“With the entire industry seeking solutions which support gambling's legal framework, Zero36 has developed location-based filtering systems to enable mobile network carriers to legally offer their customers mobile casino games in locations where gambling is permitted”, says Zero36 CEO, Sharon Tal.

“In mobile gambling, success is achieved by combining a fun player experience with superior technology and affective distribution. At Zero36, we are using our technological proficiency and usability experience to develop mobile gambling solutions that also provide mobile network carriers with increased revenue potential while upholding the industry's legal framework.”

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