Man wins lottery twice – by mistake

A bad memory usually costs people a rollicking from the boss or their other half, but Derek Ladner’s absent mindedness scooped him a share of the national lottery jackpot – two times over!

Mr Ladner, 57, and his wife Dawn scooped a share of the £2,395,710 jackpot on July 11 when their regular numbers came up, netting them £479,142.

But a week later, Mr Ladner remembered that he had bought another ticket with the same numbers, after previously being unsure whether he had bought the original winning ticket. That forgetfulness immediately doubled his winnings to £958,284.

"He bought one winning ticket but forgot about it," said a spokesman for Camelot.
"Then he went off to buy another and ended up with two shares. He collected his first winnings when the draw was made. It wasn't until quite recently that he found the second ticket and realised he was a double winner,” the spokesman continued.

"People can buy as many tickets, play as many numbers and win as many shares of the jackpot as they want. He is the first person to have won twice in the same draw. It must have been a huge and happy surprise."

However, the Ladner’s fortune is at the expense of their fellow jackpot winners. Had Mr Ladner not bought two tickets, they would all have nearly an extra £120,000 lining their pockets.

Editor, - 2007-08-01 11:11:01

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