Man to sue casino for losses

A court in Vienna, Austria, has the difficult task of assessing whether an addict can be responsible for their own actions, even if they scheme to evade obstacles put in place to protect their own good.

Huseyn Koysuren, a businessman from Vienna, is accusing a casino of still allowing him to return to the casino even after a ban and not protecting him from his addiction. However, Koysuren alleges that he gained entry to the casino by bribing workers with up to £80,000. In this time, Koysuren lost £670,000 and is now suing the casino for damages.

"I could not get a grip on my addiction, and by paying bribes of up to £2,000 to the entrance staff, I could get into the casino unhindered,” said Koysuren.

However, management of the casino refute the claims stating that all employees are forbidden from carrying cash, so therefore they would have nowhere to hide the bribes without being caught. Every entrance is also monitored by CCTV.

"Every handshake can be examined. No colleague would be so stupid as to hide money,” a casino spokesman said.

A similar case last year in Graz, south of Vienna, may provide Koysuren with some hope of being successful in his claims. A man was awarded £380,000 after a casino failed to notice that he was a gambling addict and ban him from the casino. A man in Australia is also seeking to sue a casino for £30 million in loses he racked up gambling.

However, cases such as this blur the distinction that marks when an addiction starts and when being held accountable for your own actions begins.

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