Man refuses £2m lottery win!?!

A pensioner who won £2 million on the German lottery has sensationally refused the life-changing amount of cash because he simply would not know what to do with it.

The unnamed 70-year-old man from Hamelin, Lower Saxony, only bought the ticket out of habit because his late-wife was a keen lottery player.

When the man realised he had won the jackpot, he went to the German lottery headquarters in Hanover to find out exactly how much he had won. When he discovered it was to the tune of £2 million, he told them he did not want the money.

Lottery officials are trying to persuade him to keep the money.

"What would I do with so much money? My wife has already passed away, my parents are dead, I have no children and no other relatives. I don't want it,” the man said.

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Editor, - 2007-09-18 11:27:47

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