Man cheats death, beats bookmaker

A man who was told by doctors that he would not live to see Christmas, has not only defied medical odds but he has also beaten the bookmakers as well to pick up a cool £5,000.

Jon Matthews, 58, Milton Keynes, was diagnosed with mesothelioma two years ago – a form of cancer linked to asbestos – and did indeed make it to Christmas.

Then he decided to check out his odds of living beyond 25 months – the longest amount of time doctors have known anyone to survive after diagnosis of the disease.

“I thought, I don't feel too bad, so I got hold of William Hill,” he said.

William Hill offered him 50-1 and Mr Matthews put down £100 on himself.

Still alive and kicking, Mr Matthews donated half of his winnings to cancer charity Macmillan and said he will spend the rest ‘on booze and fags’.

Editor, - 2008-06-02 11:06:04

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