Gambling machines seized in Manchester

Last night a series of raids were carried out by officers from the Gambling Commission, HM Revenue & Customs and the Police targeting four fast food outlets in Manchester city centre and south Manchester.

From the raids, five illegal/unlicensed gaming machines were seized which will result in an enquiry by the Gambling Commission regarding the supplier, who was operating without a licence.

"Protecting children and vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited by Gambling is a key objective for the Gambling Commission. Illegal gaming machines are often situated in premises such as chip shops and takeaways which are frequented by children,” said Gambling Commission Compliance Manager David Thornton.

"These illegal machines are unlicensed and unregulated and may have had their mechanisms tampered with and this puts the public at risk.
"We are determined to crack down on the suppliers and operators of these illegal machines and are grateful to Greater Manchester Police and HM Revenue & Customs for their support in undertaking this successful operation."

Sergeant Gareth Parkin of Greater Manchester Police said: "The vast majority of premises across Manchester are more than aware of the licensing laws and act responsibly to keep their premises as they should be.  It is unfortunate there are a select few that think they can act above the law and this kind of operation is here to make it clear to them that they can't.
"We are pleased with the outcome of this exercise and the premises in question will be continually monitored in the future.  We will also be ensuring that we are providing the necessary guidance and advise to the licensees in order to support them wherever we can."

Editor, - 2007-08-22 11:55:59

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