Lucky Londoner

A Londoner has found himself at the centre of a classic rags to riches story after seeing off four other 'poker virgins' in the grand final of The Showdown on Five.

Andy Hare, 39, had never played poker before the show started filming nine weeks ago, but held his nerve against his fellow poker newcomers to scoop the winner takes all £97,000 prize in what boiled down to a tense head-to-head game in the final show aired on Saturday night.

His moment of glory came on the back of three, consecutive strong hands and a clever betting strategy. Having been dealt some of the best hands in poker (pocket Aces, pocket Kings and Ace-King), Andy out-witted his final opponent three times to lure her into the pot and take all her chips.

Andy said: “I haven't really slept since I won, it's been one long party.
Despite not having played before I was confident from day one that I had the right mindset to win and I guess I've proven myself right.

“I hadn't been dealt a decent hand for weeks and then suddenly these three magical hands came my way in the final. After that it was goodnight for everyone else. I've got my heart set on buying a classic Mercedes with the winnings, but I should hopefully still have plenty left over after that. I plan to really enjoy the money and once the dust has settled maybe I'll look into getting into a few more tournaments.”

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Press Release - 2005-10-17 15:46:24

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