Lottery millionaire goes back to work – at McDonalds

A lottery millionaire has missed his old job working at McDonald’s so much, he has decided to take back his old position back at the restaurant in Pontprennau, Cardiff.

Luke Pittard, 25, won £1.3 million on the National Lottery a year and a half ago and followed the blueprint on how to celebrate a big lottery win. He bought a new home, paid for a lavish wedding with his wife Emma Cox, 29, and went on a holiday to the Canary Islands.

However, after all that and a small amount of time of enjoying the life of riley, Pittard realised that he missed his old job.

"They all think I'm a bit mad but I tell them there's more to life than money," he said.

"I loved working at McDonald's before I became a millionaire and I'm really enjoying being back there again. To be honest, there's only so much relaxing you can do. I'm only young and a bit of hard work never did anyone any harm."

What’s even more baffling is that Pittard earns more interest on his winnings each week than he earns from McDonald’s.

It’s obvious he’s loving it working at McDonald’s.

Editor, - 2008-03-25 11:06:25

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