Lottery winner says call me back

An Australian man was so busy at work that when he received a phone call from New South Wales Lotteries informing him that he had won $1 million (AUS), he told them he would have to call them back because he was in a business meeting.

The unnamed 41-year-old man from Port Macquarie told the Lotto official the news was “unbelievable” and then said: “I'll need to call you back or can you wait while I finish, I won't be too long,'' the man said.

"I'm busy finishing off an important meeting with a client at the moment.''

The man then phoned back 30 minutes later after phoning his wife to confirm they had the winning numbers. The man will use the money to pay off debts and spend on their children.

Editor, - 2007-10-30 10:49:35

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