Lottery winner reports for night shift

One lucky punter in Australia has shown that millions of dollars would not change him. After discovering he had won $15 million in Australia’s Oz Lotto just before he had to report for his night shift, he still turned up for work.

"I discovered my win just before I had to report to work to start the midnight shift," the unnamed 40 year-old man said.

"I've worked a lot of hours over the past few days, so I'm probably too tired to be excited at this point."

The winning ticket was sold in Adelaide’s Parafield Garden’s Lottery Kiosk. The chances of such a win were one in about 45 million, according the South Australia Lotteries.

However, despite the man’s momentary moment of shock, he does plan a more relaxed lifestyle and doesn’t plan anymore night shifts.

"I don't need to pay off my mortgage or buy a new car. I'm going to retire and travel the world," he said.

Editor, - 2007-03-21 12:08:51

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