Lottery money to help social problems

Five national organisations across England will receive substantial lottery funding as part of a plan to tackle youth crime and other social problems.

£47 million will be distributed by the Big Lottery Fund as part of the 'changing spaces' scheme which includes many environmental schemes across the UK.

A grant of £8.3 million will go to Crime Concern's community space challenge, which runs 70 environmental projects across the UK for young people who may be at risk of anti-social behaviour.

A further £2 million will go to the Eco Challenge project which teaches young teenagers in poorly performing local education authorities the importance of conservation and the environment.

The largest grant of £15.6 million has been given to a 'green spaces for people' project which aims to develop more community gardens, parks and games areas.

£10 million has been granted to the Plunkett Foundation which promotes locally produced food and lastly, £11.7 million has been given to Imperial College London to research natural habitats across England.

Editor, - 2007-08-20 11:31:42

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