Man wins lottery playing online for first time

Peter Heal, a 37 year-old engineer from Devon, is an avid lottery player. He has played the same numbers for 13 years. So when he was off sick from work he had no choice but to play the lottery online for the first time – and win £2.8 million.

"I've been off sick from work and I went online so I didn't have to go out. Now I am trying to decide whether I shall go back to work at all,” said Heal.

Work colleague at Western Power Distribution Steve Fry was happy for his friend, though unashamedly envious at the same time.

"He's a smashing guy and nobody deserves it more than him - apart from me. I have to admit I'm dead jealous," Fry admitted.

Top of Heal’s shopping-list is a new insole for his trainers and then onto more luxury items such as a Bentley, a vineyard and a holiday home in Loire, France.

Heal, who is currently single, hopes his new-found fortune will cause a turnaround in his love-life. He said: "I might get some more attention from the ladies.”

The lucky numbers from last week’s draw were 1, 13, 26, 38, 41, 47 and the bonus ball 7.

Editor, - 2008-03-18 11:01:06

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