Loser sues casino

A pathological gambler is suing an Australian casino for his massive losses after he placed himself on an "exclusion list" and was still allowed to return to the casino to gamble.

Behrouz Foroughi, 43, originally from Iran, lost more than $600,000 playing roulette at the Star City Casino in Sydney. He volunteered to be banned from the casino, believing that security staff would stop him from gambling.

However, Mr Foroughi was allowed back to the casino a further 65 times, with his gambling losses mounting up all the time. He was even offered entry into the high rollers’ room on some occasions.

Greg Laughton SC, representing Mr Foroughi, told the federal court in Sydney that the casino had neglected its duty of care after his client placed himself on the exclusion list.

"At the very least, Star City was on notice that Mr Foroughi had a problem with gambling and was probably addicted to it by reason of his voluntary exclusion from the casino," Mr Laughton told the court.

"Star City knew or ought to have known his ability to resist gambling was diminished. He was told that he would be detected and removed. Star City was at least accepting an obligation to do that."

However, Mr Foroughi accepts that he did not follow the advice of the casino to go and seek professional help for his addiction. When Mr Foroughi did win, he admitted that he spent his winnings on lavish dinner parties and on prostitutes.

Dave Mackey, who was the security operations manager for the Star City casino when Mr Foroughi was banned, told the court that the casino would do the best they could to keep him out of the casino, but the responsibility also rested on Mr Foroughi’s shoulders too. He also told the court that he explained to banned individuals that the casino would not be liable if they entered the casino.

The hearing continues.

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