Linda Robson slams closure of Mecca bingo club

As the only bingo club in the whole of Islington, London, actress Linda Robson has slammed the closure of Mecca Bingo’s Essex Road club.

The last time bingo enthusiasts will have their eyes down for a full house will be on March 25 as Mecca Bingo close 9 of its clubs around Britain.

"It was always so busy there. I used to go a lot with my mum. It's the end of an era,” said Robson.

"She's coming up to 70 now and there's not many places they can go and meet up and have a chat. What else is there for a woman of her age to do? That's her way of life gone out of the window. Her life is bingo."

And she wasn’t exaggerating.

"It's disgusting. They are going to ruin so many people's lives. I won't be able to go out because I won't have anywhere to go,” said Rita Robson, Linda’s mother.

Mecca Bingo have claimed they must close the clubs due to the impending smoking ban which will affect profits and have also cited the harsh tax structure for bingo clubs. The move is expected to drive many of the younger players to online bingo sites.

Editor, - 2007-03-01 11:23:13

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