Lifeline for Whiteline Model!

Kate Moss’ career has been handed a lifeline by online gaming site

The worldwide release of photographs apparently revealing her snorting cocaine has had disastrous results for her modelling career.

While major designers were exercising exit clauses in their contracts and firing the supermodel, Executives at extended Ms. Moss an endorsement deal today valued at over $5 million. The proposed deal covers the cost of rehabilitation at the facility of Ms. Moss’s choice. is an on online entertainment and gaming site, providing a full range of options from style to gambling, music, sports and more. Kate Moss, known for her unique edge and style, is considered to be an excellent spokesmodel, once she exits rehab.

Jack Abrams, spokesperson, said: “We at believe in second chances. The fashion industry is extremely hypocritical; they perpetuate the ideal that all models must be stick thin in order to be successful, yet they act appalled when these pressured models go to extraordinary means to maintain this image. There’s a better way and we’ll help Ms. Moss find it”

Kate Moss would act as the sites’ “superspokesperson,” appearing in ads and at high-end VIP events in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. - 2005-09-27 10:59:10

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