Leeds still in the race for casino

Following a statement from the Casino Advisory Panel (CAP) that they will not be extending the shortlist for a regional casino, Leeds City Council has stated they are still in the race to gain a large casino license.

The 7 sites shortlisted for the new regional casino are; Blackpool, Cardiff, Glasgow, Greenwich, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield. Upon a request by the Leeds
City Council to be reconsidered in the decision process, the CAP determined to stick to the original list.

Leeds is currently ranked 6th amongst the locations bidding for a large casino license, according to the CAP’s ranking system. It has been predicted that the government will grant 8 large casino licenses in all.

Amongst the benefits that such a large casino can bring to an area, Councillor Andrew Carter, Executive Member for Development with Leeds City Council, is fully aware of the need to also deal with any negative effects a it may bring.

"We remain confident that a large casino can still be a big part of the city's regeneration plans but as a responsible authority we will always aim to protect those who could be affected in a negative way by gambling.”

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2006-10-25 11:52:08

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