Micro nation to launch online casino

The principality of Sealand is to launch an online casino which will accept US customers wishing to gamble online.

The somewhat quirky man made island is located six miles off the coast of Suffolk on England’s East coast. The launch date of Sealand’s online casino will coincide with its upcoming 40th year anniversary on 2nd September, on which the Island will celebrate “its struggle for liberty and the day that Prince Roy of Sealand exerted state authority on the island”.

Whilst the company has declined to discuss in any great details its plans, it’s thought that the casino will not be powered by one of the big three software providers. The forthcoming casino is reported to have over 300 casino games included 15 progressive jackpots.

The casino is the first Royal appointment ever made and Prince Regent Michael is the son of the islands founders Prince Roy and Princess Joan Bates.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2007-08-08 15:28:27

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