Last Woman Standing in Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament

Starlet Shannon Elizabeth rocked the tables at GQ and Calvin Klein’s 2nd Annual Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament when she bowed out of the tournament as the last woman standing.
Elizabeth ended up a respectable 6th in the tournament and donated her wínnings to the Peace Games. Leading online gambling site sponsored Elizabeth’s seat in the tournament.

Elizabeth was knocked out on by professional poker player Chip Jett who called her all-in with K-7 off-suit and drew a King on the turn.

“I just love playing poker and it’s even better to wín for charity,” Shannon Elizabeth declared. “I’m excited about my newfound relationship with, too; I play on their site all the time.”

“We are thrilled to have a female celebrity player of Shannon’s caliber represent us at the tables, noted Founder and CEO Calvin Ayre. “Women players are a growth area for us, as the number of female poker players we have is currently growing at over 500 percent per year and we expect that significant growth to continue.” - 2005-05-20 10:21:58

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