World’s largest online gambler study

eCOGRA, the self-regulatory body for the online gambling industry, has released the most comprehensive online gambling study to date. The ‘eCOGRA Global Online Gambler Survey’ was commissioned by eCOGRA and carried out by the Betting and International Gaming Research Units at Nottingham Trent University. The study covered the views of nearly 11,000 gamblers spanning 96 countries.

Although most of the results were not that surprising, what did stand out was the finding that most players played for entertainment rather than financial gain, underlining the gradual move of online casinos and poker rooms into modern day entertainment.

The study went on to evaluate a typical poker and found that almost 75 percent of them were male. The average poker player will also have played for two to three years and have visited more than 6 sites in the preceding three months with most also playing a big-blind tables.

In contrast to this, the study found that 55 percent of online casino players were female and most were middle-aged (aged 46-55). 37 per cent of online casino players also reported playing two to three times a week for a period of between one and two hours.

Echoing the reports of a study released last week carried out by market research company YouGov and online poker company, the majority of players would also like to see more gambling sites sign up to an adhere to a strict set of regulatory guidelines.

“These findings are a salutary reminder about the vast majority of players who enjoy this form of entertainment responsibly,” said Andrew Beveridge, CEO of eCOGRA.

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