Labour accepts £150,000 from online gambling company

It has been revealed that Labour has accepted two donations from the online gambling company Bet365 totalling £150,000, sparking claims of hypocrisy from the Tories.

Less than two weeks after receiving a £100,000 donation on June 28 – coincidently one day after Gordon Brown became prime minister – super casino plans were scrapped by the prime minister.

Labour also received a £50,000 donation from Bet365 back in April when Tony Blair was still in power. Bet365 was founded by Labour donor and ex Stoke City owner Peter Coates.

Tories have been quick to accuse Gordon Brown of double standards by taking the high moral ground on the super-casinos but still accepting donations from an online gambling company.

It is the latest embarrassment for the government regarding donations following the ‘cash for honours’ ignominy.

Editor, - 2007-08-22 10:54:28

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