Kate Moss Snubs Casino Offer

Kate Moss has turned down a $5 million offer to be the spokesperson for Nine.com.

Nine.com came to Moss's rescue after she lost a number of high profile modelling deals following the expose about her drug taking habits. While major designers were exercising exit clauses in their contracts and firing the supermodel, Executives at Nine.com extended Ms. Moss an endorsement deal that also covered the cost of her rehabilitation.

Kate Moss, known for her unique edge and style, was considered to be an excellent spokesmodel for Nine.com. However, Nine.com aren't ready to give up yet - and boss Jack Abrams is prepared to negotiate a deal with Moss: 'The offer still stands…”

Ms Moss is currently keeping a low media profile and has reportedly checked into a rehabilitation clinic in Arizona.

Source: OnlineCasinoNews.com

OnlineCasinoNews.com - 2005-10-03 11:26:49

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