Jowell set for super-casino clash

The great super-casino debate rumbles on. Despite sticking with the Casino Advisory Panel’s (CAP) recommendation for Manchester to host the UK’s first super-casino ahead of the widely-preferred choice of Blackpool, Tessa Jowell is set to face resistance from all directions.

Over 100 MP’s have signed a commons motion in opposition to the selection made by CAP who would prefer the super-casino to be sited in Blackpool. Alarmingly for the government, 80 of that number are Labour MP’s with further difference expected from the House of Lords. There has also been support for Blackpool from Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott.

"I think the Government is going to have great difficulty in getting this proposal through the Lords," said Labour colleague Lord Lipsey.

However, after putting through all 17 proposals for the new casinos in one order, Jowell remains confident, if not optimistic. Therefore, MP’s have to accept the whole order in its entirety or not at all. Three hours have been allotted to debate on the subject in the Commons, which is double the amount this type of order would normally get.

"After careful consideration, I have decided to put to Parliament the recommendations of the independent Casino Advisory Panel,” Jowell announced.
"Given the exceptional level of interest in the issues, and the importance of Parliament being able to properly consider the matter, the debate in the Commons will be an extended one."

Meanwhile, those backing Blackpool though have vowed not to give up until the final decision is set in stone.

"Not until the final vote of the last MP and the last peer is counted will we give up. I'm disappointed that Tessa Jowell hasn't placed two separate orders before Parliament so that we could separate the different issues,” said Labour MP for Blackpool North, Joan Humble.

Editor, - 2007-03-02 11:20:55

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