John McCririck throws a wobbly at poker table

Larger-than-life racing pundit John McCririck stormed out of Leicester Square’s Empire casino even before cards were dealt in a charity event for The World Series of Poker Europe.

McCririck, who was invited to the tournament by the organisers to raise money for the Darfur anti-genocide charity Ante Up For Africa, believed that the £500 buy-in was being paid by the sponsor. However, when McCririck sat down at the table last night with his wife in tow, he discovered, as it was a charity event, he would have to put up the £500.

McCririck was not impressed and refused to play unless the sponsor coughed up the £500 for him to play. When he realised he was flogging a dead horse, he grabbed his wife and stormed out.

One tournament organiser said the incident was “a shame” but they should be thankful for little mercies; at least he didn’t lose his shirt.

Editor, - 2007-09-07 11:21:50

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