Jobless football fanatic scoops £8.5 million

Who says lucky dips never win the lottery? Kate Chester, 30, used to subscribe to that view and told her husband not to bother buying one. Luckily, Neil Chester, 31, decided to ignore her and won £8.5 million.

Mr Chester decided to buy a ticket on the spur of the moment in his local supermarket in Margate, Kent, and took out a £5 note from his pocket.

"I pulled out a £5 note and said 'five tickets please'," he recalled.
"We never usually buy more than three lines, but for some reason on that day I did. And it was a good job I did because it was the fourth line that won it for us. I said I wanted a lucky dip and my wife Kate said "Don't do that, lucky dips never win".

The tale is made even sweeter as the computer engineer had taken voluntary redundancy only two weeks earlier. He decided to quit his job in the Channel Islands because he was spending too much time away from his wife and their four kids. He then moved into his father-in-law's home in Margate with wife and kids to save money, all of them squeezing into two bedrooms.

“I was only seeing them every other weekend. I needed a new job closer to them. And I was under a lot of pressure to find money,” admitted Mr Chester.

No surprise then that first on the shopping list is a new family home.

Mr Chester, a football fanatic and former Manchester United trialist, also plans to buy his whole family season tickets at Old Trafford.

Neil said: “I’ve been a big Man United fan since I was a boy and their old goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel is my hero.”

“The win is a dream come true. We are so delighted.”

Proof, if there ever was, that sometimes women are not always right…

Editor, - 2007-09-12 11:07:41

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