Kid loses jackpot to mother

A Chinese gambling board has decided that the £51,000 jackpot winnings won by a 16-year-old girl should be awarded to her mother after the casino found the girl was too young to enter the casino.

The girl, who was with her mother and grandmother, turned £6 which was given to her by her grandmother as a present for the Lunar New Year in China into the jackpot winnings by playing on a slot machine.

Initially the casino, run by casino giant Las Vegas Sands, refused to pay out the winnings claiming the girl should not have been in the casino in the first place.

However, Macau’s gambling watchdog overruled that decision after a meeting with the girl and her mother on top of the ambiguity within gambling laws. Casino laws in Macau state that those under 18 must not enter a casino but there are no laws regarding what happens if a minor enters a casino and gambles.

Following this incident, the gaming bureau has begun to draft up new regulations to prevent any similar occurrences in Macau casinos.

As a penalty for bringing an underage person into a casino, the bureau has temporarily banned the girl’s mother from entering all Macau casinos.

Editor, - 2007-02-26 11:32:42

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