Jackpot gets eCOGRA certified

Jackpot.co.uk the leading UK casino portal today announced that it's passed certification and is now included in the eCOGRA list of certified casino portals.

eCOGRA has a policy that permits linking with professional and integrity driven online gambling webmasters who share the organisation's player protective ideals and objectives for honest and ethical conduct in the industry, and applications to link will always be carefully considered, subject to the following criteria:

Criteria for linking to eCOGRA:

  • Uninterrupted six months or more in business under the portal brand to be linked.
  • The webmaster undertakes to provide his or her name and contact details, and eCOGRA undertakes to regard this information as strictly confidential.
  • Linking is done on the understanding that the relationship can be severed at any time by either party, without notice or explanation.
  • Sites that link to eCOGRA will be continuously inspected by independent eCOGRA contractors at least monthly.
  • Applicants to link will be confidentially vetted.
  • Applicants are expected to be professional webmasters and to conduct themselves accordingly i.e. no SEO "black hat" practices such as site scraping or blog spamming, no spamming and have respect for players.
  • Applicants must under no circumstances abuse the linking privilege for purposes of spamming or other unethical activities.
  • Any misuse of the eCOGRA or "Play It Safe" brands will mean immediate cessation of the linking arrangement.
  • Webmasters are urged to consider associating themselves with GPWA, CAP or other professional webmaster/affiliate bodies.
  • eCOGRA prefers not to be associated with sites that promote known "rogue operations" and webmasters are expected to be vigilant in that regard.
  • Reciprocal recognition of eCOGRA on the linked portal site is required, with eCOGRA seals displayed alongside approved casinos and poker rooms, linking through to a brief overview about eCOGRA.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2006-10-27 12:45:43

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