ITV Play cleared

After an internal investigation, aided by the auditor Deloitte, ITV will restore its interactive quiz channel ITV Play to the air and has also brought back phone voting to shows such as Dancing On Ice and This Morning.

The clearance follows a growing anxiety over the legitimacy of premium rate phone calls on all terrestrial channels. One of the biggest findings was that phone voters had been overcharged for their votes on ITV’s X Factor.

"Following the return of the interactive services in Dancing on Ice last Saturday, ITV can confirm that Deloitte have performed the first stage of their review of the interactive processes and procedures contained within This Morning and ITV Play programming on ITV1," ITV said in a statement.  

"On the basis of the information available, including Deloitte's findings, ITV is satisfied that both are being operated in accordance with the Icstis and Ofcom codes. As part of our complete commitment to ongoing compliance, ITV will continue to observe the operation of interactive services with Deloitte's assistance."

In an effort to provide complete transparency and to restore faith in such services, the Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of the Telephone Information Services (ICSTIS), watchdog for premium-rate phone lines, has said interactive quizzes will now be forced to display the chances of getting through to quizzes and also advise viewers how much they are spending.

Editor, - 2007-03-12 11:32:48

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