Italian tennis star investigated for illegal betting

Tennis has yet again been dragged through the mud; this time, it’s Italy’s Alessio Di Mauro who is embroiled in a betting scandal.

Di Mauro, 30, the world number 124, is alleged to have bet on tennis matches online and could face a three-year ban and a hefty fine if he is found guilty.

Although Di Mauro is thought to have not bet on his own matches, his actions still break ATP rules.

The ATP discovered Di Mauro held an online betting account with his coach, Fabio Rizzo, confirming that Di Mauro usually bet between €15-€20 at a time. His bets totalled approximately €7,000.

Rizzo has pleaded ignorance on Di Mauro’s behalf, claiming his player was not aware of sport’s rules on betting.

The ATP has yet to decide what to do but whatever the penalty, Di Mauro should also expect action from the Italian tennis federation.

Editor, - 2007-11-09 10:59:50

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