New Italian tennis player banned for betting

Giorgio Galimberti has become the latest Italian tennis player to fall foul of the ATP’s new corruption rules and has subsequently been banned for 100 days and fined $35,000 for betting on matches.

The ATP said Galimberti bet on tennis matches between June 2003 and January 2006.

"Everyone connected to the ATP Tour has a duty to abide by the rules, especially those designed to protect and uphold the integrity of our sport, and the ATP will continue to instigate disciplinary proceedings against anyone found not to be doing so," said Gayle David Bradshaw, the ATP's executive vice president of Rules and Competition.

The ATP’s investigation into Galimberti’s betting habits began in August 2007 with its findings handed over to an independent anti-corruption hearing officer.

Galimberti now follows fellow Italian players Potito Starace, Daniele Bracciali and Alessio Di Mauro who were all found guilty of betting on matches. However, none of the four Italians bet on any matches they were involved in.

Editor, - 2008-02-19 11:38:24

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