Israeli Finance Minister Supports Israel Casino Plans

Israel’s Minister of Finance, Benjamin Netanyahu, is currently working out the details of a bill to allow a casino in Eilat, a resort town in the south of Israel. This would be the first casino operated by Israelis, and the first casino in Israel since the 2001 closing of the Jericho casino, a joint Palestinian and German venture.

Alexander Tessler, owner of the Princess Hotel in Eilat, has teamed up with Shmuel Flatto-Sharon to create proposals for an US$80 million casino, which would be a part of the Princess Hotel, in a 4,000 square-meter hall, which Tessler has already prepared. Tessler and Flato-Sharon have plans to form a group of investors, and are only waiting for the go-ahead from Israel’s lawmakers. - 2005-05-30 18:26:33

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