Israel ban online gambling

Israel has effectively banned online poker and casino websites from offering services to Israeli customers following a court case ruling against Victor Chandler’s CEO Michael Carlton. The new ruling closes a legal uncertainty that online gambling companies previously operated in.

“A foreign company operating an online gambling site may not hide behind the fact that the company and its servers sit in another country, and it is breaking the law if does not block access to Israelis,” Judge Abraham Heiman said.

Israel has become increasingly perturbed with Gibraltar-based Victor Chandler’s presence in Israel as they sought to challenge the state-run gambling monopoly that operates there. Last year Victor Chandler embarked on an aggressive advertising campaign in Israel that offered greatly improved incentives than the state-run services.

Accordingly, Israel swiftly became the second largest market for Victor Chandler. And as such has since caused much concern for Israeli authorities, culminating in Carlton being detained in Tel Aviv in January.

Editor, - 2007-02-02 11:37:55

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